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One of the most popular attractions of the city, other than Amsterdam escorts, are the various establishments that make up Amsterdam's nightlife. While offering the same club atmosphere that you can experience throughout Europe, Amsterdam takes their nightlife to the next level with the addition of two things normally illegal in other countries: Amsterdam escorts and marijuana. While locals describe the streets of Amsterdam as fairly quiet during the early evening, the streets begin to pack with tourists and local partygoers alike around 8 p.m., especially Thursday through Sunday.

There are many erotic attractions available to people in Amsterdam, escorts being one of them. But many people enjoy visiting the local clubs, coffee shops (which serve an entirely new purpose in the city), and historical venues.
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Amsterdam Clubs

Much like its association with escorts in Amsterdam, the Red Light District is also one of the most popular areas for local clubs, including erotic and dance clubs. Some of the most popular include Club Up, Moulin Rouge, The Banana Bar, and Suite 80. The two major areas for clubs in Amsterdam are the Leidseplein and the Rembrantplein, even though you can find popular clubs throughout the city.

Coffee Shops

While purchasing soft drugs like marijuana on the street is illegal, you can visit one of Amsterdam's various coffee shops to procure some cannabis. In addition, the coffee shops have a wide variety of food and some of the best coffee in the city. Be forewarned, however, that the coffee shops are only open to locals and visitors over the age of 18, much like Amsterdam escort services. Also remember that many coffee shops in Amsterdam close around midnight. While it is illegal to purchase marijuana on the street, you can bring marijuana you purchase at coffee shops with you when you leave the building, and the city has similar smoking regulations to most cities on smoking tobacco.

If you enjoy marijuana or are taking a tour provided by a former Amsterdam escort, you'll probably check out the Hash Marihuana Hemp Museum, another popular Red Light District attraction. This museum is informative and educational, especially for those interesting in learning about the cultivation process behind cannabis production. There is, of course, a small store where you can purchase seeds and growing equipment.

Sex Museums

Within and just outside of the Red Light District are two major sex museums, the Venus Temple and the Erotic Museum. The Erotic Museum is a five-floor museum featuring mainly art and sexual antiques from all over the world. The Venus Temple, on the other hand, is a large sex museum located on the Damrak. It is actually the oldest sex museum in the world that is still in operation.

Finally, Amsterdam escorts often recommend that tourists stop by Het Gulden Vlies, the famous condom shop. This store features a vast variety of condoms - literally any color, shape, flavor, and size you can imagine. Some condoms are even hand-painted (for display purposes only). The store also features a small condom museum.

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