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Why Amsterdam Thrives on Sex Tourism

One of the most misunderstood activities that travelers from all around the world engage in every year is sex tourism. While it is often equated with illegal or immoral activity, some travelers take part in the activity in an entirely safe and honest way. The Netherlands, with the help of escorts in Amsterdam, is one of the most popular destinations for sex tourism. But why does the country allow such activity? What do Amsterdam's citizens have to gain?

How Sex Tourism Helps Amsterdam

With all of the economic strife that is occurring throughout the world, the last thing any government wants to do is take jobs away from hard-working, professional people. Workers like Amsterdam escorts rely on wages made from sex tourism and local contributions to feed families, and help stimulate the economy. In the Netherlands region of Europe, the primary economy is focused around the service industry. With few natural resources to cultivate and export, most employees work by performing some form of social service. While some workers will find work in restaurants or other tourist attractions, some other workers become Amsterdam escorts, and rely on that income.

Amsterdam has recently cracked down on prostitution, although the Amsterdam escort industry has remained largely untouched. What the government does care about is protecting both workers and clients from unfair working conditions. Of primary concern in the Netherlands is the past popularity of forced prostitution, largely fueled by criminal networks. As the presence of child prostitution and "pimping" are both still problems in the Netherlands, Amsterdam escorts provide a safe and legal alternative for sex tourists and locals alike.

The Sex Tourism Culture in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has capitalized on its status as a top destination for sex tourists from around the world. In addition to escorts in Amsterdam, the famous Red Light District serves as the literal hub for all erotic late-night entertainment in the city, although similarly designed pockets exist throughout the city. Not only does Amsterdam offer escort services, but travelers can find clubs featuring erotic entertainment, two major sex museums, the famous window dancers, and countless other small erotic venues. Former Amsterdam escorts are not simply tossed aside in the country. Some work as tour guides in the district, or find work helping to manage Amsterdam escort services.

And the main difference between Amsterdam escorts and prostitution around the world, is that escorts in Amsterdam are treated like normal employees. With a legal, liberal, and regulated attitude towards prostitution in the Netherlands, Amsterdam escorts can qualify for benefits like any other service industry employee. What's more, some Amsterdam escorts enjoy pensions or retirement plans offered by their agencies. In countries where there is a more conservative attitude towards sex tourism, escorts often have little hope of earning more than a minor wage, and often work through fear that their boss could be busted at any given moment.

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