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Like many other cities in the world, Amsterdam is no stranger to the escort scene. With a large number of escort agencies located across the city, Amsterdam is one of the most famous destinations for prostitution in the world. Unlike many other countries, where prostitution is either illegal or heavily restricted, the industry is entirely legal in Amsterdam and the escort industry here thrives on international tourism.

In Amsterdam, regular escort agencies are generally well established and have excellent reputations. Most of the agencies are run through websites, where people simply post an enquiry to the owner in order to arrange a service. Since most escorts are employed as independent contractors, they can also work for a number of other agencies, charging different prices for each one.

Escort agencies must have a license to operate since new licensing regulations were put in place in 2009. Since the passing of these new laws, the vast majority of these agencies have complied with them. However, a small number have continued to operate under the previous system. In response to this, many guides have removed unlicensed agencies from their lists. However, since the summer of 2009 it has been reported that the new laws now apply to all escort agencies engaged in businesses in the city.

Here's a look at some of Amsterdam's most popular regular escort agencies:

The Heaven Escort

A popular escort agency in the city is the Heaven Escort, which appears to have a fairly reasonable reputation from its customers. When browsing through its professional website, users can check to see which activities the girls will and will not perform, as well as some additional photos.

The Pleasure Escort

This is a relatively straightforward regular escort agency that allows users to view photos of the escorts without their faces being blurred. This company even provides a Hummer H3 limousine service for anyone with enough cash at their disposal.

The Escorts Elegance agency

This escort is for people with a lower budget; however it still offers an entertaining experience, which includes erotic stories in English. However, these stories are probably not written by native English speakers.

The Dutch Students Escort agency

The agency has generally received mixed reviews from its customers, although with a name like ëDutch Studentsí, people should expect girls well below the age of 30.

The Pure Senses Escort

With 9 escorts on its website, the Pure Senses Escort agency features professional photos so that people can get a good impression of the agency. Like the Pleasure Escort agency, Pure Senses Escort also provides a HD Hummer limo tour.

The Dibbes Escort

This company has recently made some updates to its website and is now regarded as one of the easiest escort agencies to use in Amsterdam. The escorts also come with a checklist, which shows people what they will do and what they wonít do.

The Angel Escort

One of the most established regular escort agencies in Amsterdam, it is more than likely a lower budget business than many of its competitors.

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