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Straight from the South Pacific, this picture is the perfect setting for Escort Amsterdam 24's Australian darling, Pauleen. Our 22-year-old Queensland native, is a costume designer who puts her talents to use coming up outfits that she says allows her to pull off layer after layer to heighten her client's anticipation. Her client's thus far are raving about this entertaining and enterprising escort. Amsterdam is a vibrant town and the perfect place to showcase the talents, spirit and pizazz of ladies like Pauleen. Available some days and nights, call Escort Amsterdam 24 for more information. Check out our multi-hour price packaging.
Age: 22 Striptease: Yes
Skin color: White Threesome men: Sometimes
Hair color: Blonde Threesome couple: Yes
Eyes color: Green Massage: Yes
Height: 1.58 m French: Yes
Cup size: B Kissing: Sometimes
Weight: 52 kg Hourly rate: € 150,00

Looking for an girl? All inclusive 150 Euros per hour 020 8083774

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