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Escort Amsterdam 24 is pleased to introduce our newest pleasure pets, Evette. This absolute stunner from the Czech Republic is like a fine piece of china with long, thick black hair and eyes like blue ice. She doubles as a lingerie model and gentlemen, she has the curves to prove it. Evette says that her modeling brought her to Amsterdam. Escort work fulfills her inmost fantasies of being a quasi-dominatrix and being part of a girl-on-girl session. So if you're in the mood to let Evette take the lead for the evening, or for one HOT show, call Escort Amsterdam 24 and book your next session.
Age: 24 Striptease: Yes
Skin color: White Threesome men: Sometimes
Hair color: Black Threesome couple: Yes
Eyes color: Blue Massage: Yes
Height: 1.67 m French: Yes
Cup size: D Kissing: Sometimes
Weight: 54 kg Hourly rate: € 150,00

Looking for an girl? All inclusive 150 Euros per hour 020 8083774

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