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The Amsterdam nights are SIZZZling and Escort Amsterdam 24 has the hottest ladies in the Netherlands. Meet 21-year- old Cynthia, a stunning beauty from Berlin who says that escorting gives her free reign to act out all her exhibition fantasies and has found a very appreciative clientele in Amsterdam. Escorts like Cynthia, who not only have a great body but a dynamite personality, are too good to pass. Cynthia is 1.68m, 48.9k with blond hair, blue eyes and a full natural bust. Call Escort Amsterdam 24 for more information on Cynthia and be sure to ask about our multi-hour price packages.
Age: 21 Striptease: Yes
Skin color: White Threesome men: Sometimes
Hair color: Blonde Threesome couple: Yes
Eyes color: Green Massage: Yes
Height: 1.68 m French: Yes
Cup size: C Kissing: Sometimes
Weight: 48 kg Hourly rate: € 150,00

Looking for an girl? All inclusive 150 Euros per hour 020 8083774

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