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Looking for an exciting job? Working as an escort can be an adventurous and fun job, as well as a high paying one. Be sure you work for a professional company that can ensure a steady business as well as a safe working environment. Beginners welcomed. Earn cash tonight!

If you feel you have what it takes, then we will bring you in for an interview. You must be 21 years old and be able to prove it. Placing your photos online is optional, but we would highly recommend you consider doing so. Escort Amsterdam 24 is a licensed and legal escort service. Call us at: ... and we will explain the job in more detail.

House Rules and
What the Sex Worker Can Expect From
License # ASD11-5360

Effective August 1, the on-duty manager will be at the agency address of record within 12 minutes of any emergency or administrative checks.

Documents and forms concerning the independent sex worker’s contract with Amsterdam Escort 24 will be available for review by Gemeente Amsterdam at all times.

Independent sex workers are encouraged to practice safe sex and have the right to refuse service to any client or to perform/engage in any unsafe sexual act(s) at any time and for any reason.

Independent sex workers have the right to refuse drugs and/or alcohol at any time.

Independent sex workers have the right and are encouraged to undergo testing for STDs and HIV/AIDS at regular intervals or when needed.

Independent sex workers have the right and are encouraged to examine all customers’ genital areas and to refuse sexual acts if they suspect the customer has an STD.

A copy of the Hygienic Guidelines is included in the intake package and will be on site in the agency office during business hours.

Written information materials about (preventing) STDs will be available to all independent sex workers of the agency. A list of links for immediate download includes:
Bacterial vaginosis:
Genital herpes:
Genital warts:
Hepatitis B:
Pubic lice:
Vaginal hygiene:

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