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Amsterdam Escorts Amsterdam Attractions: The Jan Bik Club

Amsterdam Attractions: The Jan Bik Club

Hailing itself as Amsterdam's premier sex club, the Jan Bik is verifiably noted as the oldest brothel and massage parlor, and erotic hotel in the city of sin. Since its establishment in 1969, by entrepreneur and erotica aficionado Jan Bik, the club paved the way for Amsterdam escorts and remains one of the city's most vital and vibrant destinations.

The Magazine Stand that Became a Cultural Phenomenon

The Jan Bik Club began as a magazine stand and book store, specializing in "naughtier fare". The building, owned by Bik, also held a couple of small apartments, one of which, according to the club's website, was rented to a particularly attractive young woman. After noticing the volume at which his tenant entertained male visitors, he decided to turn the space into an erotic hotel, where couples could indulge their fantasies, or individuals could meet new partners to explore their private desires. Although sex clubs were officially illegal in Amsterdam until the turn of the millennium, they were often treated as an informal indiscretion, and rarely prosecuted. Still, Bik fought for official legislation and was one of the pioneers to bring legalization to escort services in Amsterdam, opening the door for hundreds of copycat clubs, and variations on his mold. To this day, the Jan Bik Club remains in proud compliance of all permits and legal restrictions (which are fairly loose, considering the nature of the industry).

Still Viable and Valuable After All These Years

Jan Bik is one of the Red Light District's flagship locations, and remains a vibrant part of Amsterdam nightlife. Online reviewers hail it as one of the most discrete and affordable place for escorts in Amsterdam. This is part of Bik's innovation and long-standing missions; accessibility and ease of patronage. It's one of the few brothels which has a website that's easy to read in English, is well-developed and actually gives you a sense of pricing. Most of the others seem to want to leave as much as possible to the imagination. At Jan Bik, the cards are on the table. This open-door policy is likely what's kept the club in business, and expanding to 10 other clubs around the world.

Great Facilities to Indulge Your Fantasies

The Jan Bik Club offers a full-service erotic bar and lounge for your enjoyment. Mix and mingle with the girls. Get to know your Amsterdam escort before embarking on an adventure you'll never forget. Many of the escorts at Jan Bik operate independently, so it's a good idea to get a firm idea of her fee before service. The hotel features 8 luxury rooms. Advanced booking for overnight or multiple day stays is preferred. For the patron in a hurry, the Jan Bik offers one of the Red Light District's quickest sensual specials; "manual service" by a topless escort between noon and 8pm. There are also hot tubs in every room to enjoy a long, relaxing soak with the beauty of your choice.

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