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The Prostitution Information Center

Locals call the Red Light District "De Wallen", meaning "The Walls" in English. The diversity in the RLD is readily apparent. From churches to brothels, the Red Light District is home to a number of attractions and the best place on Dutch soil to enjoy the company of an Amsterdam escort.

Prostitution Information Center - PIC

The PIC was founded by a former prostitute, Mariska Majoor, who began sex work at the age of 16. Mariska lobbies for laws that protect and defend legal prostitutes on Dutch lands. She began this venture in 1994, introducing bills favorable to Amsterdam escorts and similar professionals, some of which have passed into law. PIC is a charitable organization that teaches men and women in the field about free clinics, fights for their professional rights, and offers counseling services to any Amsterdam escort who needs assistance.

De Wallenwinkel

The PIC runs an information center and a store. Locals call the store De Wallenwinkel, a play on the nickname for the Red Light District. The store sells informative and historical books on prostitution in the Netherlands, souvenirs, handmade gifts, and offers self-guided tour booklets. Many escorts Amsterdam is home to sell their handmade crafts through PIC.

In case you would rather have a formal tour instead of a self-guided tour with a booklet, the PIC offer 1-hour guided tours of the Red Light District twice weekly. The tours begin at the PIC store on 7 p.m. Wednesdays and on 5 p.m. Saturdays. The tour guide is usually the founder of PIC herself, Mariska Majoor.

Even if your tour guide is not Mariska, the tour will be in both English and Dutch. You can make a reservation seven days a week for a group tour, as long as your group has more than four people. You can always ask an Amsterdam escort to take you on a guided tour. The PIC guided tours, however, are recommended for their brevity and depth. Amsterdam escorts are not exactly tour guides. This is an area where PIC can help.

Prostitution Information Center
De Wallenwinkel
Enge Kerksteeg 3
1012 GV Amsterdam
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 12 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Phone: + 31 20 420 73 28

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